Sunday, November 17, 2013

Expensive Bath Made Luxuriously Affordable

The other day, while sipping a piping hot mug of my favorite lavender tea, I thought about how soothingly delicious it would be to use tea ingredients in a hot bath.  I looked online to find that bath teas do indeed exist.  And they are very pricey.  So since I already have a cupboard full of various awesome herbal teas, I decided to do myself a favor and marinate in a bath of my favorite teas.

Not only did I smell wonderful after my bath, but my skin felt great!  I wasn't sure my dry skin would be much improved by my tea bath, but it really helped.

So here is your recipe to a sensuous soak in the tub:  Take three or four of your favorite tea bags and put them in a comfortably warm bath as it fills.  I recommend the Yogi brand.  Then slide in!  I also recommend soaking with lights off and candles lit.  Since I find it hard to relax, I often have a crafting magazine or a good book at my fingertips (nothing too exciting or emotional--you want to relax and enjoy).

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