Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Long Hair: One Length, Angled, or Layered

Very Long One-Length with Heavy Bang
So you've grown your hair out long, but aren't quite sure what to do with it, cut-wise.  There are three basic cuts, with a thousand variations in each.  In this blog we'll look at one-length, angled, and layered styles for hair far below shoulder length.  Later we'll look at medium length and then shorter styles.

One Length
For fine hair, or hair you just don't want to be bothered having to style, one length is probably your best bet. There's not a whole lot to say; your basic variations are bangs or no bangs.

Very Long One-Length Hair
By the way, bangs do not have to be as heavy and severe as the picture to the left.  Scroll down to see other variations.

Angled refers to what we used to call feathering in the 70's. Angling is a way to get face-framing style without the commitment of layers.  Your stylist will use scissors or a razor to create layers just around your face.  They can blend in with bangs, or just stand alone to give you that extra oomph of beauty without the pain of having to spend a lot of time styling every day.
Very Angled with Lip-Length Bangs on Fine Hair
Very Minimal Angling; Mostly One-Length

Long and slightly Angled with Bangs
Very Angled, with Possible Slight Layering
Angled Hair; Minimal Layers Volumized

If you like to curl your hair, or just have too much of it, layers can be a fun option.  More trendy hair tends to be layered also.  Having layers does not have to mean spending hours every morning blow-drying and curling or straightening.  There are different degrees you can try.  For the layer virgin, try invisible or long layers.  This is a nice way to get your feet wet without having to stress finding a new way to style your hair.  

Angling with Some Layering with Big Curls
Angling with Some Layering

Heavy Bangs with Angling and Heavy Layers

Heavy Bang, Long Layers, and Long Angling:  Fine Hair
Heavy Bangs with Heavy Layers and Angling

Curly Hair with Long Layers and Angling
For those well versed in layer styling, go wild!  Layer as much as you prefer to get the look you want!

Of course, ask your stylist for advice.  When you find the look you like, take in some pictures and discuss how to make it look best on you!

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