Friday, January 10, 2014

Medium Length Haircuts

Experimenting with a new cut in winter can be a little tricky.  The problem with long hair is that it takes so long to dry, but leaving the house with wet hair leaves your teeth chattering.  Going too short during this time exposes your neck to the cold, too.  If you want a medium length style, there are plenty of cute and sexy styles to keep the doldrums at bay.

This haircut features angling in the front to add interest.  The highlights really set it off and make the cut's limited amount of layering stand out.  If you are looking for low maintenance, a cut with very little layering is the best bet.

This cut has very little layering, but the bangs and the teased crown make it alluring.  The smaller pieces around the face soften facial features and give it a sexy look.


Here a lightly layered haircut with a crooked part makes her wavy hair messy and exciting.  The bed hair look is accentuated with a little light curling iron, particularly around the face, to keep it under control.  This is a good bet for an easy medium cut for wavy hair.

This is a long bob with slight A-line.  It's a very easy style to work with and many women find wash-and-wear to be feasible with this kind of cut. 

For those with a little experience, layers are fun and seductive.  The model on the left has long bangs and just enough layering to keep her hair looking full and lush.  The ends are blown out with a round brush to give it playfulness with a carefree attitude.
The model on the right has very long, layered bangs that then blend into the layers in the rest of the cut.  A large curling iron creates flippiness and fullness in her fine hair. 

 This layered cut has a heavy, long, layered bang and takes advantage of heavy layering at and then below the bangs.  For that wispy effect, the cut has been cut with a razor instead of scissors.  It gives the cut a messy, yet styled look.  

What an exceptional style!  It features heavy layering from lips to ends with a long, but not heavy, bang.  For heavy hair, be sure to get some texturizing to keep it light enough to achieve some volume.  Stylists beware:  cut the length longer than you think you need!  The way her hair plays around her shoulders makes it look shorter than it really is.  You can always cut more later.  

A little light wax or even hairspray on your fingers can help you get those gorgeous, texturized ends.

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