Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bangs! The long and the short of it.

When people think of bangs, many have a limited vision of a straight-across Cleopatra-like fringe.  The truth is, bangs are extremely versatile and come in a variety of lengths and styles.  This time I'll look at long swept bangs, both parted on the side and in the middle.  I've been styling hair for over half my life, but I do realize that my views are obviously subjective.

If you're considering snipping in some bangs, but are afraid of a cowlick or the commitment, think about longer bangs.  Side-swept bangs look great on every face shape!  Although slightly on the thick side, these work gracefully with her color.

Be careful that your bangs aren't cut too short for side sweeping.  You want them to come down to about the tear-duct area.  Otherwise you get this look (nothing against Taylor Swift, of course):

 I love this sultry look with long bangs swept into this style.  It's somewhat layered (bangs and the rest) with curling iron curls.  Gorgeous!  Nice natural-looking highlighting, too!

The layering in this heavy bang lightens up the weight-line around her face, as does the sweep.  Soft and pretty!  These bangs could easily be achieved with notch cutting or by cutting them with a razor.

Middle parts can be tricky, especially if the direction of hair growth varies on either side.  They can also be unflattering for some round or square-shaped faces if too heavy.

Anne Hathaway's middle parted bangs look great and work well with the rest of the cut.  They are light enough that they separate nicely to give a soft look to the face, which works with many face shapes, even round!

Alba's middle part looks perfect:  bangs are long but light.  The highlighting breaks up the blockiness that might otherwise look too heavy on her face.  Then again, I don't think I've ever seen Jessica Alba look less than stunning!

This is what not to do.  Her bangs are not long enough to be separated like this.  With one over-all color, they look chunky, like something an adolescent would wear.  A good middle-parted fringe would be touching the area just below the arches of her eyebrows.

Her heart-shaped face is pretty, but the bangs are not flattering.  They are a bit too short and heavy to pull off this look.  The ends of her hair are medium brown, yet the root area is dark.  Adding some chunking or highlighting of this color to the bang area would help give this style more flow and wouldn't take away from her naturally pretty features.

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