Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quick Fixes: Ardell's Touch of Color

My neighbor was preparing for an interview and asked for help getting ready.  In her industry, appearance is exceedingly important!  Although her root area wasn't too bad, she had sprinklings of gray and she wanted to make sure it didn't show, but wasn't ready to go through a full-blown color treatment.

We hit Sally Beauty Supply and picked up a new product from Ardell:  Touch of Color.
The fine-toothed comb applicator makes it easy to apply!

I was a little skeptical, but we bought the dark brown, went home, and applied it to the streaks of gray around her face.

Notice the streaks of gray at the root area in her temple and side-burn areas.

It only took a few minutes to dry, so I took advantage of the time to do her makeup (she wanted a very natural look).  Ardell covered her grays easily and beautifully!  After hitting her hair with my In-styler, the color still did not come off.  For those with dark hair who need to quickly cover up some patches of gray, this worked great!  In fact, Lyn is planning to carry this in her purse for times she just needs a quick fix!

Lyn is looking youthful and natural, ready for her interview!

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