Saturday, October 11, 2014

Love Your Professional Hairspray but Hate the Professional Prices?

Ion Effective Care Restorative Finishing Spray       

It's easy to shell out a good portion of your paycheck on beauty supplies, but there's always the doubt that you really are getting the best bang for your buck.  As a stylist, I have tried a wide range of products.  Some are disappointing, and some will break the bank.  When you find that price-conscious spray you love, it's like discovering gold!

Stylists have a few different types of hairspray.  First, we have working spray, meaning hairspray that has good distribution and dries quickly.  It's a light spray with a little hold to help while shaping a style.  Then, when the style is achieved, we grab our go-to finishing hairspray to really seal in the style.  The finishing spray depends on the amount of hold and stiffness the client wants or can tolerate.  It's rare to find one spray that can do both.

The closest hairspray I've found, which can be workable and help hold the style at the end is not one you might suspect.  I've doled out dollar for Sebastian, paid for Paul Mitchell, and paid through the nose for Nioxin.

I've also gone cheap and have been disappointed by Vidal Sassoon, Salon Selectives, and Suave, which is surprisingly not as bad as the other drug store finds.

But for the money, the best spray is probably the inexpensive Ion spray I buy at Sally Beauty Supply.  And if you wait for a sale, you can buy one and get the next half off!

Ion Color Defense Extra Control Shaping Spray
So save your simoleons.  Seriously.  Sally's Ion spray is probably one of the best all-over hairsprays on the market.

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