Sunday, November 20, 2016

Damaged Hair? Skip expensive salon treatments and do a hair mask at home!

At my previous salon, we performed deep conditioning treatments for clients with very dry and/or damaged hair.  Basically what it amounted to was shampooing a client and applying a high quality protein conditioner to moisturize and support hair strength.  The secret, my boss told me, was the way you applied it.  It was the difference between a simple shampoo with a service and the extra $25 charge for the treatment.

What was this secret?  I'll make you a deal.  You subscribe to my blog and then e-mail me.  I'll e-mail you the secret!  That, my friend, is a bargain barter!

Moving on:  Here's how you can do a hair mask at home for pennies on the dollar.

How To:
First, you will need a quality hair conditioner.  Don't just use what you have lying around your bathroom.  You want to moisturize, but you also want to add protein.  My favorite is K-Pak.  You can either buy a bottle of the magic elixir, or if on a tight budget, you can buy a packet.  I got mine free with a purchase.

If you can't get K-Pak, another good product is often less than $2:  Ion Repair Solutions.  Strangely, it's even vegan, if that's a concern for you.

So how do you go about this procedure?

1.  Shampoo your hair in warm water.

2.  Do NOT condition.  You want your hair to absorb the good stuff to its fullest extent!

3. Towel dry only.  You don't want it dripping, but you don't want it bone dry, either.

4.  Pull your hair up.  I wouldn't suggest a tight bun because you want the heat to allow the conditioner to permeate the hair shaft.  Make sure your hair is up on your head to really access the heat of the dryer, especially the ends.
Me in my stunning glory.  By the way, if you are planning to wear makeup, do it
AFTER this procedure or you'll look like an emo raccoon.  

5. Put a shower cap over it.  No shower cap?  You can use one of the banned plastic bags you may still have in your kitchen.  You want to cover the hair so it doesn't dry out.

Guuuuurrrrrlll, it really can't get sexier than this!

6.  Warm up your hood dryer and get in there!  How long?  You can do as little as 10 or as much as 30 minutes depending on the level of conditioning you need.  I like to go for at least 20 because I don't get around to doing this as often as I should.
I was wrong!  It just did!  Anyone else think this
is a throw-back to Dark Helmet in SpaceBalls?

Make sure you have a good book so you don't get bored or antsy!

Support your local library!  This book is gonna be exciting!


If you don't have a hood dryer and don't want to shell out the $20-$50, you can do one of the following:
a. use a blow dryer on your hair set to high heat.
b. Throw a towel in the dryer until it is hot.  Then wrap it around your melon and wait for it to cool.  It's not ideal, but hey, sometimes we gotta make due with what we have. It's better than having a rat's nest of damaged hair.

7. When you are done, keep that shower cap/plastic bag over it.  Let your hair completely cool before removing it.

8.  Rinse your hair in cool water.  It doesn't have to be ice cold, but cool water will help lower the cuticle (the protective layer of your hair) so that it locks in the conditioner and leaves your hair shiny and smooth.

How Often:
If you have curly, dry hair and/or hair that you chemically process, once a month is my recommendation.  Otherwise, you can do this a few times a year just to keep your hair in good shape, especially if you have long hair.

If your hair tends to break or split easily, a conditioning mask will fortify it like a kick-ass vitamin.

If you get your hair chemically processed (colored, highlighted, permed, or straightened), it can take a serious toll on your hair.  This will help prevent split ends, tangling, and breakage.

If you don't get regular haircuts, your hair has more exposure to damage, so this is one way to keep it looking good.

If you are growing your hair out (see above).  However, I still recommend getting a trim every 8 weeks to keep it healthy.  A good stylist knows how to give a healthy trim without making it look like you even had a haircut!

If you have curly or wavy hair, chances are it tends to dry out more than straight hair because the cuticle tends to be more lifted.  This will help prevent the minor breakage that occurs when the cuticles of each hair shaft get damaged from rubbing against the other hairs.

If your hair tends to tangle easily, this will help.  Again, you likely have lifted cuticle.  When your hairs come in contact with one another, they inadvertently beat each other up.  It's a little like a passionate kiss between two people who both have very chapped lips.  Ouch!  Not that I would know, of course.

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